Advanced Rospa Motorcycle Course

The Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS) is a DVSA (Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency) approved motorcycle rider development course. Due to a new initiative the ERS is now subsidised by Cumbria County Council to the value of £100 and is endorsed by the Cumbria Road Safety Partnership.

To Access The Funding:

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Eden Pro Rider Training have trained many riders in preparation for their chosen advanced motorcycle rider test. We aim to provide the highest standard of training to provide riders with the necessary skills and ability to pass the Advanced Test.

John holds a Police Class One Advanced Motorcycle Certificate and is a member of both RoSPA (ROADAR) and the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) the UK’s leading road safety organisations. He is also an examiner for RoSPA.

What is Advanced Rider Training?

This is an opportunity for bikers to improve their riding standards, helping to make them safer on the roads.Harwoog

Thousands of motorcyclists take some form of post-test advanced rider tuition every year. This reflects the value in this type of training and ultimately reduces the risk of collision by up to 70%.

Their feedback is impressive – they find the experience enjoyable, the coaching excellent, and often say it was one of the best things they have ever done.

Many also benefit from reduced insurance premiums on completion of the advanced test.

If you’re passionate about biking let Eden Pro Rider Training give your skills a professional boost, improve your observations and technique, increase your ability and confidence, and ultimately gets the most out of the whole riding experience. It will also help improve your safety on the road and that of your pillion.

The test in both cases is practical based. Groups often work closely with police advanced riders and instructors and examiners to ensure that the standards outlined in “The Police Rider Handbook Roadcraft” are maintained.

Both RoSPA and the IAM use a method called “SYSTEM”, this is used by all police riders in a methodical manner; that is why they are amongst the finest and safest road riders.


£185 for a full one day course (7hrs) or £75 for 2hrs.

IAM or RoSPA Advanced Rider Test Fees are additional to our course fee.

“Eden Pro Rider Training reserves the right to alter its prices without notice”

IAM & RoSPA test preparation

Course Summary – Advanced RoSPA or IAM click here

System = Information, Position, Speed, Gear & Acceleration.

Before taking the test I advise you prepare by referring to the current editions of The Highway Code and Road craft. Without a good knowledge of both you are unlikely to obtain a high grade. After all we all want to be the best rider possible.

Many riders know that they could become even better but think advanced riding is for others. Some believe that advanced training and the high standards are restricted to police riders. That is not the case. With a little training and support from Eden Pro Rider Training you will realise how good you can become and you will join the ranks of some of the best riders in the country.

This quote was by Suzi Perry in 2007. Why should you be Interested?

Unlike car drivers who can rely on in-car protection in a crash, the only thing that really keeps us safe on two wheels is what’s between our ears, our knowledge, our skills and the attitudes we take with us out onto the road.

You may think that you are good but the really good rider is the one that admits that they can never afford to stop learning.

Suzi Perry 2007

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