With ever increasing leisure activity and popularity of motorcycling nationally, together with those riders who return to biking after a “lay off” period, we offer an opportunity to have your riding assessed by a professional and complete a programme of re-educating to modern day machines, helping to develop riding techniques, as well as highlighting current dangers and trends, which in turn equips the rider with essential “live to ride, ride to live” skills.

johnEden Pro Rider Training is owned and operated by John Forrester, a retired police officer, having served 27 years mainly within traffic policing and a keen motorcycle enthusiast.

Having qualified as a Police Advanced Motorcyclist, he is able to use his experience and training to develop other riders’ observations, planning, skills and handling – all essential to coping with the current roads infrastructure.

As John has completed a Police Advanced Motorcycle & Car Course, he also holds both IAM and RoSPA Gold certificates, and examines riders taking the RoSPA advanced course (Bronze, Silver and Gold levels).

Motorcycling is all about freedom but daily dangers exist and bikers are all too often injured or worse.

Here at Eden Pro Rider Training, we aim to provide essential skills to reduce the risk to you and your pillion so you can enjoy the freedom of the roads, with renewed confidence, resulting from your newly acquired riding skills.

All students are equipped with radio receivers, and as our courses often cover large distances we also have the option to use a bike mounted video camera to replay sections of the ride for instructional purposes.

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Eden Pro Rider Training is associated with Intaride.com as its preferred communications and video equipment supplier.

Our aim at Eden Pro Rider Training, is to provide quality tuition and develop rider skills for that” on road experience”, to complement our courses there is a rider manual to support the learning process, this is available for purchase via the website.

We also have access to quality local accommodation (B&B to Hotels) for those travelling from further afield, we can also recommend a number of campsites in the local area, please ask for details.

The Essential Post Test Motorcycle Rider Guide

Written by J Forrester

“The Essential Post Test Motorcycle Rider Guide” is exactly what it says; essential to the development of proficient and tested riding practices for every day motorcyclists. It draws its content from the experiences of John Forrester an experienced Roads Policing Officer of 27 years who holds a Police Class One Advanced Motorcyclist qualification.

The guide deals with what riders need to know,New Image why and how to develop the on road riding skills used by professional riders such as the Police, RoSPA and the IAM motorcyclists.
In addition the guide features many aspects associated with riding i.e. carrying a pillion, riding in adverse weather conditions, riding at night and in groups to how to set up your suspension. no one of these can aspects can make a rider but put the modules of the manual where appropriate into practice on the road and experience a difference in your riding style.

The ultimate goal of this guide is to make the rider a safer, more progressive rider with improved motorcycle rider skills; this will leave nothing to chance, create good observational skills, time to react to any situation presented to the rider.

Eden Pro Rider Training “In Pursuit of Rider Excellence” and “Ride with Pride”.

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