Advanced (RoSPA & IAM)
Motorcycle Training in Cumbria
DSA Registered Post Test Trainer

Eden Pro Rider Training is a DSA Registered (RPMT) motorcycle training establishment offering post test training for the Enhanced Rider Scheme and Advanced Motorcycle Rider Training in Penrith, Cumbria. We are located on the edge of the Eden Valley and to the west of the Pennines which is an area of outstanding natural beauty. We are ideally situated with easy access to the Northern Lakes, South West Scotland, The Borders, Northumbria, North Yorkshire and County Durham.

Eden Pro Rider Training Courses

Advanced Rospa Motorcycle Course

This is an opportunity for bikers to improve their riding standards, helping to make them safer on the roads. Thousands of motorcyclists take some form of post test advanced rider tuition every year. This reflects the value in this type of training and ultimately reduces the risk of collision by up to 70%.

Eden Pro Rider Training have trained many riders in preparation for their chosen advanced motorcycle rider test. We aim to provide the highest standard of training to provide riders with the necessary skills and ability to pass the Advanced Test.

Due to new initiative both ROSPA and IAM Advance Rider Training Courses are now subsidised by Cumbria County Council to the value of £100 and endorsed by the Cumbria Road Safety Partnership.

DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme

The Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS) is a DVSA (Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency) approved motorcycle rider development and assessment course.

The Enhanced Rider Scheme is designed for motorcyclists by motorcyclists to develop their current riding skills and have them assessed by an experienced and registered DVSA post test trainer.

With many riders returning to motorcycling after a “lay off” period this course provides a platform to re-skill to upto date tried and tested riding techniques.

For many riders who are intending to move to larger capacity bikes whether it be sports, tourer or cruiser this course is designed to provide life saving skills and improve handling and hazard perception.

This is a session of on road development training. We have completed many courses with excellent results and riders have learnt so many new skills coupled with an enjoyable day out on a motorcycle.

Due to a new initiative the ERS is now subsidised by Cumbria County Council to the value of £100 and is endorsed by the Cumbria Road Safety Partnership.

CCC Subsidised Rider Scheme

To qualify for the funding for the following courses you must possess a current Full Category “A” Driver licence for motorcycles and be a permanent resident within Cumbria. There is no age limit under the scheme, so the inexperienced rider looking to improve their skill level, increase observation and hazard perception or simply wanting to move up to a larger capacity motorcycle can do so under this scheme. For those mature riders or “born again bikers” this is an ideal scheme to refresh those essential riding skills and life saving essentials to bring them up to date under the supervision of a DVSA Registered Instructor.

Any rider can opt to have their riding skills assessed and evaluated; it is cool and may save your life, there are many tips to learn on the day, none of us ever stop learning.

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For many years, both Cumbria and the Eden Valley have featured highly with motorcyclists locally and nationally. Numerous reviews have highlighted this area, especially Hartside (A686) as a “top rated ride” in the UK and Western Europe. Those challenging roads, scenic views and varied rides are all within our training area. In the south of the county, “Devils Bridge, Kirkby Lonsdale” (A65) provides a stop off point and time for that well earned break and refreshment.

what our clients say....

  • “After riding since 1980 I realised I had accrued a long list of “Bad Habits”. With that in mind I approached todays training with John Forrester of Eden Pro Rider Training with great trepidation after hearing of the Cumbria County Council Subsidised Enhanced Rider Scheme.

    A wobbly first hour riding around Penrith supplied a list of bad babits and targets to address.

    With the aid of his extensive Police Training and  one-way radio communication, you managed to eliminate each of these areas of concern, one by one.

    By the end of the afternoon my riding style had changed for the better allowing safer, swift and smooth progress through the Lakeland scenery.

    Thanks for a great day out.”

    Brian Graham of Crosby, Maryport. (June 2015)
  • I was looking to improve my riding skills after 15 years of riding and was recommended John Forrester. What a great choice. He provides structured training, tailored to your needs. After an initial chat/assessment we spent most of the day riding some great roads. I found his guidance on the ride (via radio) to be spot on. When pointers were needed he provided them, and detailed feedback given when we stopped.

    I found John hugely knowledgeable, providing well balanced help, some great tips but he also enabled me to have a fun day.

    Martin Knowles, (Appleby March 2015)
  • Today I took part in a four hour motorcycle training course with John Forrester from Eden Pro Rider Training. This is something I have intended to do for several years and the incentive offered by CCC (Cumbria County Council) (£100) and a contribution by me of £45 finally made me do it. It was excellent, I came away feeling empowered and a much safer rider than I was yesterday thanks to CCC and John. I will encourage my friends to take part in the future as I believe we could all learn a huge amount from John. I do genuinely believe that making this kind of advanced rider training available at a reasonable cost will improve your motorcycle accident stats. I would ask you to think about ways of making it appeal to the invincible young men who would benefit the most. Thanks again to CCC and John for an excellent experience that might just save my life one day.

    Paul Dobson (Carlisle, Nov 2014)
  • I had a poor experience with an instructor doing my CBT; so for my Mod 1 and 2 went with John at Eden Pro Rider Training – what a difference! John is patient, very knowledgeable and very thorough. He gave me a lot of confidence in my riding and a lot of constructive criticism – and praise when i got it right. Passed both parts of my test first time!

    John recommended doing the post test Enhanced Rider Scheme to gain experience including motorways etc. He reassessed my riding and offered advice. I completed this on my new bike within six months of getting my A2 licence. I highly recommend John to anyone wanting to learn how to ride safely.

    John Trelease of Penrith
  • If you just want to get through your test you can go to any training school. If you want to pass your test with flying colours, understand your bike and learn how to ride safely then go to John Forrester. I learned in the first two hours with John what other instructors had failed to teach me at all. It’s not just the teaching either, John understood me, gave me confidence, made me laugh, encouraged and inspired me. In my opinion his many years of training and experience with the Police Force make him the perfect trainer. Thanks to John I am now shopping for a bigger bike – without ‘L’ plates! As soon as I have my new bike I shall be going back to do the Enhanced Rider Training Course.

    Katie Baker, Penrith
  • I first went to Eden Pro-Rider as a nervous rider 2 years after passing my direct access course, however I needed further tuition. The first day training with John was such a revelation! He was very patient & aware of my own lack of confidence. Building observational skills is a key part of his training method, improving awareness around me. This really began to build my confidence. On road training taught me the correct principles for cornering, speed, gears and braking and dealing with traffic and dangers on the road. I then began to read the road correctly, adjusting my speed, gears & position instead of just arriving at a bend with a hope to get around it! I finally understood the physics of cornering, which has resulted in me being a more relaxed and calm rider, I knew my limits and by applying the techniques I had been shown little was now going to phase me. After enjoying my one day’s rider training so much, I thought I would brush up my skills prior to my annual riding holiday to Italy. Another very enjoyable & informative day ensued, it was suggested that I was good enough to try for the RoSPA Advance Riders Certificate, which was such a boost to my confidence. By reinforcing & building on the observational skills from the first day, my riding had come on leaps & bounds through the pre-holiday training. My fellow Ducati-riding mates commented on how smoother & confident my riding, praise indeed! For the RoSPA training we concentrated on “rider system” on a variety of roads around Cumbria & the North Pennines. Each type of road had its own challenges from the M6, A66, A686 to fording rivers on unclassified single track lanes (what a rush that was!). Unerring instruction & breaks provided the feed-back to improve weaker areas and build upon them. I had to concentrate; the reward for me was knowing that I was a much better rider than if I hadn’t taken the training. After having passed my RoSPA with a silver grade, I have nothing but praise for John at Eden Pro rider Training. He has patience & willingness to share his riding experiences with clients. He was never patronising (which as a woman rider can often happen) & any mistakes or necessary refinements in my riding were discussed, learnt from then filed. I know now that accidents don’t “suddenly happen” & hazards don’t “appear from nowhere”. His training has taught me to be an aware, confident rider with a positive attitude.

    Deborah Cowin, Keswick (2011 & 2013)
  • After twenty years from motorcycling I Decided to seek up to date refresher training. I contacted John at Eden Pro Rider Training in Penrith to complete the DSA Enhanced Rider Scheme back in 2009. I was astonished by the instant improvement in my awareness and riding skills after just one days 1:1 training with the added bonus of reducing my bike insurance. John’s patience and training expertise were tested further in 2013 when I returned to Eden Pro Rider Training take a 3 day advanced RoSPA rider course, which later I achieved a Silver Grade in test. John’s understanding and advanced training methods are backed up by the latest VHF radio and video recording technology. With thanks to John at Eden Pro Rider Training for the life changing skills.

    Paul Holroyd, Kirkby Stephen (2010 & 2013)
  • In 2011 and 3 years after obtaining my full bike licence I decided to seek further training to improve my riding skills. I checked out my options and went with Eden Pro Rider Training with a excellent reputation. Initially I completed A 1 day DSA Enhanced Rider Scheme. The whole experience was excellent, the objectives and de-briefs clear. The whole experience was positive and encouraging. John has a rare skill in rider training and the positive way in which he makes use of his experience for the benefit of the riders. At the end of the course my riding really had improved significantly. I was smoother, safer, more observant and progressive rider. The added bonus for me – It was fun.

    Peter Harwood, Askham, Penrith (2011)
  • After being a biker for 50 years and still covering 11-12k miles per year I decided to take a 2 hour rider skill check with Eden Pro Rider Training. The ride debriefs were thorough and direct but proved essential to improving my rider skills in general. In 2012 I completed a 3 day RoSPA advanced rider course and attained a Silver award at test. The course provided me with life saving rider skills. This lead to better control and enhanced my observations. I’m now in a position to enjoy my motorcycling with grater confidence and a higher skill level. This year I completed a solo bike trip to Turkey. Well recommended.

    Graeme Hector, Penrith.
  • Having spent a much of my working life being trained on ship handling and planning each manoeuvre far in advance as well all aspects of working as a ship’s Captain, I understood the value of constantly updating one’s skills. That said, I was very pleased to have come away with a new insight into how to get the most from my motorcycling experience. I now use the system of motorcycle control you have instilled in me every time I ride, they make my riding safer, smoother and provide a greater feeling of control and confidence that can come only with experience and identifying the areas that require greater consideration. I can’t say there was one area that needed to be corrected, more that every area required a tweak and then all those elements fell into place to improve my riding overall in a subtle but significant way that has resulted in my gaining a RoSPA Gold Standard Certificate.

    Mike Williamson, Ulverston